Maskinfabrikken Silkeborg Spåntagning provide various machining services within

CNC turning & milling and other related services. we make a virtue in providing you the best quality!

CNC Turning

MSSP can meet your turning requirements on our automated CNC lathes on short to long runs, simple or complex parts.

CNC Milling

MSSP advanced CNC milling technology improves cycle time while processing higher quality parts at reduced costs.


MSSP has the ability to cut material both automatic and manual. It gives a great flexibility to our customers.


We have equipment, staff and certificates that deliver high quality and accurate execution of your welding projects.

Flexible Manufacturing System & Assembling

With FMS plant we can store your raw materials and finished component and deliver just-in-time. Since MSSP have hold of the products for manufacture and packaging we can optimize the supply chain by offering preassembling.

Other services

At MSSP we can provide any kind of surface treatment, number pressing and engraving of your component.

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